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released November 3, 2013



all rights reserved


Durdee Thurdy Lapeer, Michigan

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Track Name: Here's to Paying it Forward
Well if I had to give back all the cigarettes that I've stole from my friends packs
I'd buy a hundred cartons but I'm just too broke for that
And if I had to replace all the beer that was in the fridge before I took em from your case
I'd buy a hundred kegs but I'd drink them before you'd get a taste

So fuck me I am a piece of shit
Fuck me I am I worthless prick
And I'd take all you can offer me but don't expect me to offer you things
Cause I am a selfish dick

Well if I had to build a house for every person who's ever let me sleep for free on their couch
I'd cut down a forest but I'm too hungover right now
And if I had to fill a tank for every person who's ever given me a free ride with no thanks
I'd have to own a gas station but my skin can't get me low tax rates

So fuck me I am a piece of shit
Fuck me I am I worthless prick
And I'd take all you can offer me but don't expect me to offer you things
Cause I am a selfish dick

Well if I had to pay back all the money that I've took while I had some in my backpack
I'd have to rob a bank but I'm just to white for that
And if I had to give back a heart to every girl I've ever fucked by lying from the start
I'd have to rob a morgue but that'd kinda gross me out

If I wanted to right my wrong, well I guess I wouldn't be writing this song
I'd be writing apology letters but that would take too long
And if I don't have any friends left after they hear this song
I wouldn't be surprised because they're already gone.
Track Name: On the Run
Morning came and just like that yeah, I was all on my own
I started getting drunk and throwing up and sleeping alone
And I'd call to say that I'm sorry girl but there's no minutes on my phone
And I've never stayed somewhere long enough to call it a home

But I've got the moon, yeah
And I've got the sun
I've got the wind against my back cause it feels better when I'm on the run
Gotta keep on movin, gotta stay in gear
Cause the day will come when I cannot run and it's the only thing I fear

I've been drunk on loneliness, I've been high on love
But no matter how strong the dose the high never lasts long enough
And I don't wanna get clean, no I don't wanna give up
So I guess I'll spend the rest of my life looking for love

But I've got the moon, yeah
And I've got the sun
I'll never know when it's my time to go so I'd better have some fun
Gotta keep on smilin, gotta make it last
Cause the day will come when I'm no longer young and I'll be begging for the past
Track Name: Fuck Tha Police (Ft. AndrewBurt)
Well you tell me that I need to get a job like there aren't banks out there that need to be robbed
And you say that I need to earn a degree, I'd rather sleep alone on the side of the street

Screamin' fuck the police, let's drink some fortys!
Although it's pouring we'll be here til morning
Fuck owning houses, we'll sleep on couches!
And bum cigarettes until we can't stop coughing

Well they tell you that we need to go to war like our taxes can't be spent on housing the poor
And they say you're failing, you should enlist, I'd rather end my own life by slitting my wrist

Screamin' fuck employment, don't need your annoyance!
I'll get by just fine on my bottle returns
And my pockets are empty and the world is against me
But I'm feelin alright cause I'm drinkin some whiskey!

Track Name: Sunday is My Favorite Day
Preacher, preacher, preacher, won't you save me a phew?
I'm comin on Sunday, bringin my friends too
We hear you drink wine and like to have a good time
And when you die you'll get high with Jesus Christ

Now I'm packin in my sins before the weekend ends
And tomorrow I'll ask for his forgiveness
It don't matter if I go on a crack rock binge
I'll just say I'm sorry to him and we'll still be friends because

Jesus saves
It don't matter if you like to kill or rape
Jesus saves
So give him all your money before it's too late

Later on that day when I kneel down to pray
Well you know the good lord is gonna hear what I say
I'm sorry that I punched that bitch in the face
And although she deserved it, it just wasn't my place

Cause I'm saving all the vengeance up for you, my lord
Goin to jail is something I cannot afford
And I know that one day she will see your wrath
Cause when you send her to hell she's never comin back

God is great
He's got a special place in Hell for the people you hate
God is great
So sing it with me now and we'll all be saved

God is great, God is good
He drowned all his children in a flood
God is great, God is good
He'll set you on fire if you don't do what you should

God is good, God is great
So put all your money in that collection plate
God is good, God is great
Just ask any one of his slaves, they'll say

God is great
Jesus saves

God is great and Jesus saves so come to church next Sunday
Track Name: Yoga's Song
Doggy, oh doggy, why won't you talk to me?
Oh how I wish you could speak
Doggy, oh doggy, don't look at me that way
I know you are afraid
Doggy, oh doggy, please stay by my side
You don't have to hide
Doggy, oh doggy, don't run away
I promise you are safe

If you don't wanna catch the ball
We can just go for a walk
The stars they shine so bright
While the moonlight glares off the gulf
And there's a drunk man on the corner
Making promises he knows he won't keep
While the elderly fill their high rises
And lay down to sleep

This place can be so lonely
And I know you feel it too
But no doggy, don't cry
Your parents will be home soon