The Helen Keller EP

by Durdee Thurdy

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Working to finish and release 'The Helen Keller EP' by October 2014

Followed by the first full length album 'Holy Fuck'

Stay tuned!


released July 28, 2014



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Durdee Thurdy Lapeer, Michigan

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Track Name: Helen Keller Pt. 1
I'll burn a church and hope to die
Stick some needles in my eyes
I wanna cry but I've been dehydrated for weeks
I wanna die but I feel too cowardly to say the least
So give me all of your drugs,
I wanna feel like Helen Keller for a while

You say you owe me less than I owe you
Well I guess that may be true
I keep using and abusing your good heart
I keep losing all my cases I've been guilty from the start
So let me off of the trial,
I wanna feel like OJ Simpson for a while

It's hard to be an adult in charge of making large decisions
So pissed off when we're losing
I'm never happy when I'm winnin
So I'm sinnin and I'm grinnin
I'll keep on making these bad decisions
Whats the point in trying when you'll never get it right?
But that's life

So I'll cross my T's and dot my I's
Forgive all the ones who I despise
And I'll try to lie when I apologize
But I'm not sorry
I don't give a fuck anymore